Business Movers Atlanta GAAs business movers who have been serving the Atlanta, Georgia, area for decades, we know what it takes to successfully plan a business relocation. By following the checklists on this timeline, you can help ensure that your business is back up and running in its new location as soon as possible:

  • Six months before the move – Planning
    • Identify what tasks will need to be completed with outside help
    • Obtain a blueprint or floor plan of your new office space
    • Get quotes from business movers and other contractors
    • Create a list of tasks for the project manager(s) of the move
  • Four months before the move – Communication
    • Inquire with your phone company about changing the service to the new location
    • Ensure there is a dedicated space for equipment such as servers at the new location
    • Obtain a list of any new IT equipment that will need to be purchased, such as cables
  • Two months before the move – Notifying others
    • Start advertising about your move so that customers/clients and vendors are aware
    • Order new stationary, business cards, brochures etc. that reflect the new Atlanta address
    • Fill out change of address forms
  • One month before the move – Logistics and inventory
    • Create a list of all items that are being moved by the business movers
    • Liquidate any furniture and other assets that are not being moved
    • Create a specific plan for all employees’ responsibilities on moving day
    • Confirm all services being provided by the business movers

Buckhead Movers has been providing business relocations in the Atlanta, GA, area since 1985. We can assist with planning, packing, cubicle disassembly and reassembly, IT system disconnection and reconnection, and more to make your move as efficient as possible. To learn more about hiring our business movers, contact us today.