Best Movers in Atlanta GAEven if you have hired the best movers in Atlanta, Georgia, moving can be a chaotic time. With everything that needs to be done, including getting your house packed up, setting up utilities at your new home, researching the best movers in the Atlanta, GA area to hire for the move, etc., there are a few tasks that can be easily forgotten. Here are three of the most commonly forgotten moving tasks:

  • Records – When visiting a new doctor’s office, enrolling a child in a new school, or bringing your pet to a new veterinarian after you have moved, you will most likely need to provide the records from the previous office. It is best to acquire them before moving and keep them all together in one place, so that making appointments in the future at your new location goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Prescriptions – If you or anyone in your family has medications that are taken regularly, it is advisable to pick up a few months’ supply prior to your move, to give yourself time to settle in and find a new doctor before you run out of the medications.
  • Memberships – Cancel all memberships to places in your current town, such as a gym or community center, and also cancel any subscriptions, such as meal delivery services, to avoid being charged for these services after you move.

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