Atlanta GA Moving CompanyWhen deciding which Atlanta moving company to hire for your upcoming relocation in Georgia, it is important to understand that there are different types of movers. In addition to hiring a reputable company that is established in the area and has been recognized for excellence by third party organizations, it is also crucial to hire a company that is familiar with your specific type of move. The different types of moving companies are:

  • Local movers – This type of mover can also be referred to as intrastate movers, as a local move typically involves a relocation within the state of Georgia. Local moves are usually charged a lower rate than long distance moves, so it is best to hire an Atlanta moving company that does not specialize only in long distance relocations.
  • Long distance movers – If a relocation crosses state lines, it is usually considered a long distance move. There are extra considerations that must be taken to secure household belongings in the truck for the long journey, as well the need to know about any state-specific shipping requirements, so you want to be sure to hire an Atlanta moving company that is familiar with these issues.
  • International movers – Similar to a long distance move, international movers will be well versed in what it takes to secure their customers’ belongings so that they are safe for a long journey, particularly since international relocations can involve flight transport. Additionally, knowledge of country-specific shipping regulations can help to ensure that items do not get delayed in customs and are delivered in a timely manner.

Buckhead Movers is an Atlanta moving company that is fully capable of local, long distance, and international relocations for both residents and businesses of Georgia. To learn more about our moving services, contact us today.