Atlanta MoversWhen researching Atlanta movers, you may see that some companies mention that they do not use subcontractors, or they may say they do not “subcontract your move.” But what exactly does this mean?

If a moving company uses subcontractors, it means that they hire a third party company to handle the actual loading and transporting of your belongings. There are many reasons why a moving company chooses to do this. For example, if you live in a remote area outside of Atlanta, Georgia, where the moving company is located, they may hire an outside company that is closer to you to handle the job, so that they can keep their trucks and manpower close by. Or, if you have specialty items that need to be moved, such as pianos or chandeliers, not all Atlanta movers are capable of handling these items and therefore may subcontract your move to a company with experience in transporting these items.

While these are very valid reasons for Atlanta movers to subcontract a moving project, there can be drawbacks for the customer when subcontractors handle their move. The moving company that you originally called may be licensed and insured as required by Georgia law, but you cannot be 100 percent certain that their subcontractors are. Additionally, a reputable moving company will take care of your belongings, as they desire repeat business and positive reviews from customers. A subcontractor who is working for the moving company may not be as concerned with pleasing the customer, and thus might not handle your belongings with the same level of care. If the Atlanta movers you are researching do not specifically state on their website that they do not use subcontractors, it is a good idea to ask before hiring them.

At Buckhead Movers, we prefer to hire our own full-time movers so that we can ensure they are highly trained, thoroughly vetted, and always putting customer satisfaction above all else. For more information on hiring our full-time, never subcontracted Atlanta movers, contact Buckhead Movers today.