Atlanta MoversChoosing the right Atlanta movers for your upcoming relocation is an important decision. The process of moving can be difficult on its own, as you anticipate your daily routine getting uprooted, navigating new routes to get to and from work, and adjusting to life a different space. In order to eliminate any extra stress and ensure that your items arrive safely and quickly to your next destination, you’ll want to do your research on moving companies.

To find the best Atlanta movers in your area, consider asking these short, but telling, questions:

  • Do you have a storage facility? A storage facility is especially useful if you’re not sure whether all of your belongings will fit in your new home or building. To be on the safe side, you’ll want to ask any Atlanta movers whether they have a facility where you can store some of your belongings while you figure out where to place them in your new home. Since Buckhead Movers understands the convenience of storage spaces, we’re happy to store any of your belongings in our secure, 100,000 square-foot-facility.
  • Do you have any credentials or certifications? Credentials can help you distinguish between professional, reliable Atlanta movers and the ones that may not have as much experience or who aren’t as knowledgeable about moving services. That’s why here at Buckhead Movers, we’re proud of being licensed with the State and Federal Departments of Transportations, as well as being bonded and insured.
  • Do you offer additional services? Some Atlanta movers may only offer to load and unload a moving truck. But other companies, such as Buckhead Movers, can pack up and unpack your belongings, as well as disassemble and assemble any furniture.

Asking these questions will make it easier for you to decide whether a moving company can help you with every aspect of your move. If you’d like to learn more about how Buckhead Movers compares to other Atlanta movers, call us today.