Atlanta GA MoverAny Atlanta mover in Georgia can tell you that after moving from an apartment into a house, people often realize there are additional household goods that they need. Here are some of the most common items that those who live in apartments may not have, but that come in handy when owning a home.

  • Tools – Once you become a homeowner, it is advisable to have some tools on hand so you can perform basic repairs and save money on hiring handymen. This includes a hammer, nails, a Philips head and flat head screw driver, wall anchors for any décor you want to hang up, and a wrench set.
  • Lawn Equipment – When you live in a house, you now also have a yard to tend to. It might be best to wait to buy these items until after the move, because the Atlanta mover you hire may not be able to transport equipment with gasoline. But the items you will likely need include a lawn mower, rake, hose, shovel, and hedge trimmer.
  • Additional Furniture – You will likely need to furnish more rooms in your house than you had in your apartment. Any Atlanta mover can also assist with furniture moving, so during your move you can inquire about hiring them to pick up furniture you may be purchasing in the near future.

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