Atlanta GA Local MoversAtlanta local movers help people move out of all types of residences, including rental homes and apartments. Georgia residents who rent their homes instead of buying them typically have to pay a deposit prior to moving in, and getting this deposit back can greatly help with the expenses of moving into a new home. Here are some tips to ensure you get your deposit back:

  • Fix holes in walls – To fix holes made in walls from hanging décor you will need wall putty, fine-grain sandpaper, and a plastic spoon. Using the spoon, fill in the holes with putty, then sand it down to make the putty even with the wall.
  • Clean carpets – Especially if you have pets, cleaning the carpet so that it is free of stains can prevent re-carpeting costs being deducted from your deposit. You can either hire professionals, or rent steam cleaners from a home improvement store and do it yourself.
  • Deep clean – You will need to do a deep clean of the entire apartment before the Atlanta local movers arrive, or else the cost of hiring professional cleaners could be taken out of your deposit. This includes cleaning the refrigerator, fan blades, and any outdoor areas.

Buckhead’s Atlanta local movers can assist with helping to relocate you out of your rental property, and will even take the time to affix floor, door, and wall protectors to help further ensure you receive your deposit back. To learn more about hiring our movers in Atlanta, GA, contact us today.