Are Moving Companies Expensive?

Moving Services If you’re planning a move to or from the Dunwoody, Georgia, area, you’re probably wondering about the cost of hiring a moving company? After all, moving can already be an expensive process and you might be wary of hiring professional movers. So, are moving companies expensive? Well, every moving company is different, so that can be hard to answer, but when you think about all the hassle and frustrations that can come along with a move, it might not be as expensive as you think. Consider the following questions.

  • Do you have a truck, and is it big enough? If you don’t have a truck and need to rent one, or if you do have a truck but it’s pretty small and you’ll need to make multiple trips, your move is going to get more expensive.
  • Do you have people to help? – Because many things in your home are probably too heavy to move alone, you’ll need to have friends or family help with the move. Even if you reward them with drinks or pizza, it can still add up.
  • Will you be able to transport fragile items safely? – If you have valuable items, all the risk falls on you to move them safely. If they become damaged or lost, you’ll be out of luck.

When you consider all of those questions, it may actually be cheaper to hire a professional moving company.

We Are the Company to Call for Your Move to or from the Dunwoody, GA, Area

When you’re looking to move to or from the Dunwoody, GA, area, there is no better company to call than Buckhead Movers. We have large trucks that are equipped with a number of safety features to keep your items safe and sound throughout transport and we employ full-time movers who have passed both background and drug tests, allowing you to feel confident that your items will be in good hands. Plus, we offer insurance, so in the rare event that an item does get damaged, we will be able to help cover the cost.

For more information about the moving services we can provide to or from the Dunwoody, GA, area, contact Buckhead Movers today.