Alpharetta MoversMany Alpharetta, GA, movers provide storage services in addition to moving services. This can be an excellent solution for those who have large items that they would like to keep, such as artwork or antique furniture, but are downsizing their living space and need to keep these oversized possessions somewhere safe.

However, not all storage companies offer adequate storage solutions. Some Alpharetta movers provide what is known as containerized storage, in which a portable container is delivered to your home and then after you’ve stocked it with your items, is retrieved for storage at their facility. Others may decide to turn to a self-storage facility in Alpharetta, GA because they feel they have more control of who might be accessing their items.

The problem with both of these storage solutions is that it is difficult to ensure they are truly secure. When a container is at your home sitting in your driveway, it can be vulnerable to vandalism and break-ins. With self-storage, virtually anyone can enter a self-storage facility, claiming they are retrieving something from their own unit, and then attempt to break into other people’s units.

All of these reasons are why the Alpharetta movers at Buckhead proudly offer secure storage solutions. No one is permitted to enter our facility except our background-checked employees, and those whom we have confirmed are customers of our facility. Furthermore, our warehouse is clean and dry, ensuring your items are safe from damage.
To learn more about our secure storage solutions or hiring Alpharetta movers for your upcoming move in Georgia, contact Buckhead Movers today.