Alhparetta MoversYou may think that hiring Alpharetta movers and packing boxes are the only preparations that need to be made for moving day. But what about purchasing moving insurance? Many people do not think about this important factor of moving, nor do they think to ask the movers they’ve hired what their insurance options are.

In the state of Georgia, every moving company must provide minimum coverage of up to $300 should your items become lost or damaged during transport. This coverage is at no extra cost to you as the customer. If you are like most people, you probably feel that all of your possessions combined are worth a bit more than $300, so when deciding which Alpharetta movers to hire, be sure to ask about additional moving insurance options and how much they cost. The moving company will likely have a couple of different options, and you can choose which one best suits your needs, depending on the value of your belongings. Keep in mind, that the coverage is based on the depreciated value of your belongings, and not the price you paid for these items when they were new.

Of course you will also want to make sure the Alpharetta movers you hire comply with Georgia state laws by confirming that they are licensed and carry their own insurance. Sometimes fly-by-night moving companies may try to skirt this law. What this means for you is that, in the event of lost or damaged items, you may not receive any compensation.

For reliable Alpharetta movers who offer basic moving insurance as well as more comprehensive options, contact Buckhead movers today.